[rescue] Voyager

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Sat May 6 23:25:20 CDT 2006

>> Voyager uses 2.5" SCSI hard drives (like early Apple laptops did).
> Yes.  Pisser.  Did any of the macs have ~1G drives (or larger)?

There was a Seagate 1.2GB disk native to the Voyager. The last two of  
those machines I had were big diskers.

The IDE > SCSI adapters for laptop drives also work in the Voyager.

>> As far as I know, no special version of Solaris is needed.  I think
>> Voyager came out in the 2.5 days... so there might be a release of
>> 2.5 that added the hw support for Voyager... (this was quite usual
>> for Sun to spin HW 11/93 release, HW 1/94 release, etc).  I think
> Yes, I have 2.5 w/patches.  2.6 is on the machine now...
>> 2.6 and up (till whenever they dropped support for Voyager) should
>> have all the support on the regular OS CD.  I'm pretty sure 2.6,
>> and 7 works on Voyager... I don't know about 8 or 9.
> 7 is the end of the line for Voyager (IIRC) -- though I don't
> have a copy of 7 to test (I've been told to avoid it... though
> maybe it was x86 7 that I should avoid?)

I'm fairly certain 2.6 was the last to 'fully' support the V'ger. (2.) 
7 was ass.

I have a 2.51 and new 2.6 media set here somewhere.

Mike N

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