[rescue] Sun Kit Needed for EE Student Here

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri May 5 13:36:09 CDT 2006

Bryan Gurney wrote:
> Yeah, there have been plenty of "glass ceilings" along the way:
> 33 MB (DOS FAT partition limitation IIRC)
> 520 MB (BIOS limitation)
> 8.4 GB (legacy INT13 limitation; solved by LBA)
> 128 GB (LBA limitation; solved by LBA48)
> 2.0 T (32-bit block numbering limitation (2^32 * 512k = 2.0 T) and MBR partitioning limit; solved by GPT)
> Of course I'm leaving out a few of the Sun hardware ceilings that we've
 > encountered in the Rescue list (SSA taking only 9 GB drives maybe,

Grrrr... it seems that there is no *definitive* word on this.
(sigh)  I'll have to get one of mine set up and try throwing
some 18G drives in it to see what happens...

 > Sparcstation 5 maxing out with 18 GB drives).

Eh?  Is this a real limit?  I have an 18G drive in mine currently
but didn't realize that this was a "limit"...

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