[rescue] Sun Kit Needed for EE Student Here

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Fri May 5 12:18:43 CDT 2006

On Friday 05 May 2006 03:16, Devin L. Ganger wrote:
> At Thursday, May 04, 2006 7:47 PM, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> > Linux RAID and LVM work very well, and filesystems like XFS and JFS
> > are nice to have, and ext3 with journaling and btrees is very nice
> > as well.
> Whereas every time I've tired to get Linux RAID to work, I've ended
> up with dead filesystems every time. Every distro I've tried, every
> architecture I've run on, every kernel variant. I finally gave up. I
> can live with software RAID under Solaris and even Windows, but IME
> Linux RAID kills filesystems dead.

Then you must have been doing something wrong.

I've used Linux RAID on 2.2, 2.4, and 2.6 kernels, on Sparc, Sparc64, 
Alpha, PowerPC, PPC64, x86, and on IDE, SCSI and Fiberchannel disks.  
Other than when I did something stupid[1] it never killed any data.

As well, we use ext3 in a production environment at work, and it just 
works great.

[1] I had a machine with hardware issues where the raid would 
occasionally decide that two disks in the raid5 were out of sync, and 
refuse to come up.  It always came back up just fine when I re-created 
the raid with the same parameters (no data loss on the raid) -- but I 
wasn't paying enough attention, and re-created it with the disks in a 
different order.  The filesystem (ext3) was none too happy about that!

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