[rescue] Sun Kit Needed for EE Student Here

Matthew Weigel unique at idempot.net
Fri May 5 10:35:37 CDT 2006

Sandwich Maker wrote:

> where in all of this would you-all rate os/2?

It was really nice for its time, which ended somewhat short of a decade 
ago.  From both a user's perspective and a programmer's, it did some 
fantastic things that have not been replicated in other operating 
systems.  But I haven't had the urge to install my copy, even on PCs 
that it could handle.

> surprise me if os/2 ran faster and more reliably than w98, but can it
> run all the same programs?

No.  Its official support ran up as far as Windows 3.1, with *some* 
win32 extensions ("win32s" IMS).  Some very capable programmers added a 
WINE-like JIT layer to run some Win32 programs, for instance I remember 
being able to play Quake II in OS/2 using OS/2's native OpenGL.

My favorite thing about OS/2 was DragText; not for what it did (although 
it was useful, very useful), but the power it demonstrated.
  Matthew Weigel
  unique at idempot.net

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