[rescue] Voyager

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri May 5 10:04:03 CDT 2006

Sandwich Maker wrote:
> " From: Don Y <dgy at DakotaCom.Net>
> " 
> " 
> " My Voyager seems to be having disk problems.
> " I've tried re-format(8?)-ing (analyze, etc.)
> " but to no avail.  It was my understanding that
> " this would remap defective blocks (e.g. grown
> " defect table?).  But, it seems like I am
> " seeing the same errors in the same places
> " (on the media) -- based on the error messages
> " issued.
> " 
> " Is there anything else I can try?
> try joerg schilling's sformat, for which you'll also need his scsi
> driver iirc.  it's better at handling bad blocks.


> " Also, does the "standard" 2.6 media have everything
> " that is required for this model?  I have read
> " (someplace) that a "special" distribution was
> " created for Voyager support -- but haven't been
> " able to verify that.  If such a beast DOES exist,
> " how do I identify it?
> iirc there are one or two special things in the voyager dist, like a
> custom ide driver that somehow hacks the lba48 limit.  that's all i
> know though.

Huh?  Voyager doesn't support IDE anything...

I can understand support for things like the backlight
(I don't think there were any other machines in the Sun
line at the time that had backlights -- ?)

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