[rescue] Sun Kit Needed for EE Student Here

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Fri May 5 08:57:59 CDT 2006

>>Whereas every time I've tired to get Linux RAID to work, I've ended up
>>with dead filesystems every time. Every distro I've tried, every
>>architecture I've run on, every kernel variant. I finally gave up. I can
>>live with software RAID under Solaris and even Windows, but IME Linux
>>RAID kills filesystems dead.
>>I'm also none too enamored with ext3fs. XFS, on the other hand, rocks on
> I haven't tried JFS or XFS yet, but have had reasonable luck with ext3,
> and I've been using Linux software RAID to mirror my boot disks on this
> machine for years without a glitch.

I have done considerable experimenting with Linux RAIDs, including 
booting off a mirror and testing drive failures in that situation by 
just yanking the IDE cable off one of the drives. Keeps on running, and 
after the drive is replaced, one command resyncs the mirror. I also run 
a Linux software RAID 5 on my fileserver at home. Prety solid.

My FS of choice is reiser these days. Boots much faster after a crash 
than anything else I have tried.


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