[rescue] Sun2 graphics?

Arno Kletzander Arno_1983 at gmx.de
Fri May 5 02:10:55 CDT 2006

der Mouse <mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA> wrote:
(unclear just whom he was quoting there...)
> > I just put 20 SS10 chassis at the curb for trash pickup.  The
> > IPC/IPX/SS20/SS5s are next.
> Ouch!


> Any way some of those can be rescued from such a fate?  As I 
> recall, you're in the USA;

Wrong side of pond for me again *groan*.

> I'd happily write you a cheque for shipping, materials, and a 
> bit over for your time and trouble, to prevent such a thing.
> At least for some reasonable number of IPXes and SS20s.  5s 
> less so, but I'd throw one of them in too.  (IPCs even I would
> let go.)
> If you're not willing to, I'll ask the list - is there anyone 
> nearby who'd be willing to pick up, pack, and ship?

I already have a near-waist-high stack of pizza boxen at home, 
but I'd be interested in the IPC and IPX (1 - 2 ea.). However
this could only work out if they could be had *and* smuggled
over here (Germany) for a nominal amount, say if somebody was
assembling a freight container shipment again.

P.S.: Together with der Mouse and Jochen, I worked out a hack
to get the SPARCclassic I was talking about lately netboot off
that loathsome WIntel box. Modifying the OBP to take fixed IP
addresses and using TFTPD32 and TGPNFS on the PC side, we got
it up to a single-user root prompt of NetBSD 3.0 at the VCFe 
last weekend! Finally all that _frustration_ is paying out!


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