[rescue] SSA-1xx

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Thu May 4 23:32:32 CDT 2006

Chris Brandstetter wrote:
> I have also heard that on the 9GB limit.  I heard it was due to power  
> constraints of the power supply.  I have 2 of those units here, mine  
> have 4GB HDD's in them.  But alas I do not have any 9 or 18GB 1 inch  
> drives, and especially in that quantity.

I would assume newer 18G drives would draw roughly
the same power as older, smaller drives.  So, *if*
that was the issue, it should be an easy "fix".

Once I find some FO cable and get the SPARC end of
things set up, I may throw in some 18G drives just
to see what happens...  :-/

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