[rescue] Sun Kit Needed for EE Student Here

wa2egp at att.net wa2egp at att.net
Thu May 4 23:06:08 CDT 2006

>    I have an Indy motherboard that had a surface-mount cap go south
> (as in crack open and stink) that made the entire board inop.  I found
> the failure "by nose" -- quite literally -- the crack in the cap was
> just about too small to see (and certainly too small to notice on a
> quick visual inspection).  There was some discolouration, so that
> should have been a hint.
>    In any event, I suspect that if I replace it I'll have a good
> spare motherboard.  I just haven't gotten around to it yet....

I should have said a chip ceramic capacitor.  There are some "chip"
electolytics.  But still, it is rare.  I have burnt out chip 
resistors.  They use them as fuses on some boards.  It's funny
how many bad components you can find by smell and touch.  


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