[rescue] SSA-1xx

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Thu May 4 18:34:22 CDT 2006

>>"  From what I recall, there is a limitation on the size
>>" drives that can be used in the SSA-1xx boxes.  Is this
>>" *4*GB or 8(9?)GB?  Is there any workaround to allow
>>" the use of larger (even 18G) drives?
>>iirc it's 9G, because that's the largest drives qualified when it went
>>eos.  and no workarounds; something to do with the embedded f/w.
> (sigh)  So much for the "future safe" nature of Sun products
> (vs. PC's)  :>
> I assume any drive *larger* than 9G is just seen as having 9G
> of capacity?  Or, wil the array not recognize the drive at all?

I have one of these, too. (Just received it recently.) The first one of 
these I saw was some 8(?) years ago attached to a SPARC 20. The SSA was 
populated with *one* gig drives. The one I have has 24 x 2G drives. I 
have some 4 and 9 G drives, I have access to some 18 and 36 G drives. I 
may just try them and see what happens.

I have also heard that 9G is the max. Any one have more info here?


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