[rescue] Sun Kit Needed for EE Student Here

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Thu May 4 18:03:17 CDT 2006

>> I have a disk that won't work with that machine without careful
>> setup.  I have to explicitly tell the BIOS there is nothing there;
>> if I let the BIOS touch that drive at all, the BIOS wedges.  [...]
> In other words, you have a broken BIOS,


> and your problem has nothing to do with PCs in general.

In theory, no.  In practice, yes.  In theory, there is no need for a
BIOS to misbehave like that.  But if some large fraction of them do -
and I consider that vendor's comments as fairly strong evidence that
they do - then it's a case of "99% of them give the rest a bad name".

> I have had a couple of Suns that had the same problem.

Interesting.  Which models and ROM revs?  I've seen the 1G issue (where
all the boot data must be in the first 1G of the disk, because the ROMs
don't know how to use 10-byte CDBs), but I've never seen them wedge
hard because of a too-large disk.  (But, of course, there are lots of
Suns I've never even tried to use.)

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