[rescue] Small (2U) enclosed racks?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Thu May 4 12:27:59 CDT 2006

Ethan O'Toole wrote:
>> Ah!  Good point!  :-(
>> Is the noise primarily *fan* noise?  Or, a noisey disk(s)?
>> Can you replace the fans with quieter ones, etc.?
>> What about wrapping some  3/8" veneered plywood around the server
>> as a skin?  Since you are probably sitting it on a flat surface,
>> the skin doesn't need much structural integrity.  It can
>> essentially be a "veneer" on the server itself (make the
>> plywood into a "sleeve" and then just *slide* the server
>> into it)
> Some time ago I made some cases myself for 5th hope. Got the parts from
> Parts express, and the wood from the hardware store:
> http://users.757.org/~ethan/pics/trips/5thhope-NYC-July-2004/

Cool!  Love the LED display sign!  :>

> I used the wrong kind of wood I think, so it's a bit softer than it should
> be. But I had no issues and they were deep enough to hold servers :-)

My point was that if you are just talking about a 2U/4U server,
you don't even need the "rack mounts" in the box!  Pull the
mounting ears off (4 screws?) and slap the plywood right
up against the side of the case.  If it requires vents on
the *sides*, cut some slots with a router (or drill several
holes, etc.).  If vents are front/rear, then no problem!

I.e. make just *4* sides... not *5*.

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