[rescue] Sun2 graphics? (Per Sandstrom)

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Thu May 4 12:03:30 CDT 2006

In article < at ids.net>,
    Michael Thompson <m_thompson at ids.net>  writes:

> The picture only shows what I could haul to the VCF in my wife's
> wagon. I have a huge collection of old Sun parts that I need to thin
> out. I just put 20 SS10 chassis at the curb for trash pickup. The
> IPC/IPX/SS20/SS5s are next. I have about 150 9Ux400 Sun VME boards...

I am interested in Sun graphics boards.  I have a SPARCstation 5 and a
Sun 3/110 into which I could place boards, but I'd be willing to      
accumulate boards sans chassis if they are 3D graphics subsystems made
by/for Sun.

Its possible you may have an Sbus interface card for the Evans &
Sutherland Freedom series of graphics accelerators.  I could use one of
those and the driver software, if you have them.  I have the
accelerators but no host interface boards or software.

I recently acquired a Sun Model 347 Graphics Tower.  This appears to
be a separate graphics box that attached to a Sun via a thick cable.
I haven't been able to find any information on this yet, so I'd
appreciate any information anyone might have on it.  I can find it
listed on some "for sale" lists on various reseller sites, but I
couldn't find any documentation at sun.com.
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