[rescue] Small (2U) enclosed racks?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Thu May 4 11:38:40 CDT 2006

Ethan O'Toole wrote:
>> Any suggestions on where I can find a small (2-4U or so) *enclosed*
>> rack enclosure?  I've got a 1U server that I need to run here at home,
>> unfortunately its too noisy to just sit on a shelf..
>> Bill
> Music people use them alot, but if the server is real deep it will be too
> deep for midi/guitar effects rack.

Ah!  Good point!  :-(

Is the noise primarily *fan* noise?  Or, a noisey disk(s)?
Can you replace the fans with quieter ones, etc.?

What about wrapping some  3/8" veneered plywood around the server
as a skin?  Since you are probably sitting it on a flat surface,
the skin doesn't need much structural integrity.  It can
essentially be a "veneer" on the server itself (make the
plywood into a "sleeve" and then just *slide* the server
into it)

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