[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 42, Issue 9

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Thu May 4 04:54:01 CDT 2006

Jonathan C. Patschke <jp at celestrion.net> wrote:
> But will it run anything other than 'doze or the latest Humonga Core
> release? I've had quite a time trying to find reasonably-priced PC
> equipment that will run BSD with a reasonable subset[0] of its peripherals
> supported.

Provided you avoid boards based on closed Nvidia hardware, it's OK. Usually
the hard bit is not that the hardware isn't supported, but that the kernel
on the installation media doesn't have this week's flavour of cheap SATA
controller compiled in, which means you have nowhere to install the OS to
compile a suitable kernel.

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