[rescue] Sun Kit Needed for EE Student Here

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Wed May 3 21:24:04 CDT 2006

der Mouse wrote:
>>> I've gotten Suns up through U2s for free (generally cost of
>>> shipping, which in many cases is just a half-hour on my bike).  I
>>> probably could have gotten more recent ones except that I'm not
>>> interested in the non-SBus machines.
>> Ditto.  I have to pick up a U10 this weekend and am already grumbling
>> about the fact that all my SBUS cards will be useless with it...
>> <shrug>  But, it doesn't take up much space so...
> I'll be happy to dispose of all those extra SBus cards for you... :>
> (...well, perhaps unless they're cg6s.  I've got so probably as many
> cg6s as I do all other SBus cards put together, far more than I expect
> to ever need.)

<grin>  Yeah, I was routinely pulling cards and setting them
aside.  Then, one day, I started *organizing* (*gasp*) cards
and realized I had 25 cg6's.  Sheesh!  How many spares can
a guy POSSIBLY need??  Finally started disposing of them
just to make room for more interesting cards (esp. since
I run all but one of the SPARCs headless)

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