[rescue] Sun Kit Needed for EE Student Here

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Wed May 3 15:06:55 CDT 2006

>> I was depressed when I went to buy a new disk for a peecee that was
>> about two or three years old and they told me, oh, I'm not sure
>> it'll work, that's considered obsolete now.
> Where the hell was this?  There is no successor to ATA, SATA (, or
> SCSI, for that matter, which is perfectly available on PCs with
> cheap-or-free expansion cards) which has made the old so out of mode
> as to be unavailable or even no longer produced.

That's what I would have thought.  But that's what they told me:
basically, that a then-new disk quite likely would not work with a
motherboard as old as mine (all of what, three years?).

To a certain extent, it actually turned out to be true.  I have a disk
that won't work with that machine without careful setup.  I have to
explicitly tell the BIOS there is nothing there; if I let the BIOS
touch that drive at all, the BIOS wedges.  But if I tell the BIOS
there's nothing there and boot from somewhere else, the kernel finds it
fine and everything works.  Annoying.

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