[rescue] Sun Kit Needed for EE Student Here

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Tue May 2 18:24:30 CDT 2006

Wesley Will wrote:
>> I just bought a new old stock, dual-Opteron 242, 4GB RAM system with no
>> SCSI drives (I had some 73GB SCA Seagates), for $1075 including
>> shipping.
>> A U60 is therefore worth at most, $150-200 with 2GB RAM and 2x450 and
>> some reasonable amount of disk.
>> --Patrick
> Bingo.  Two hundred bucks he's got.  Maybe even a bit more.  A G-bill
> he most assuredly doesn't have to spare.  Plus it will allow him to be
> exposed to something other than the Pee-Cee, and that's never a bad
> thing.  (As for 'old and developing problems,' the library and
> engineering departments here have tons of hardware of this vintage
> running in production for many years now, and thus far (knock on a
> Sequoia tree) none of these problems are cropping up on anything like
> a regular basis.

What's he going to run for application software?  Or,
is that expected to be (near) free?  Often, schools
will give students great deals on software "for
educational use only".  But, usually that software
runs on Wintel...

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