[rescue] Sun Kit Needed for EE Student Here

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Tue May 2 18:20:28 CDT 2006

Matthew Weigel wrote:
> Michael Parson wrote:
>> As far as the OS is concerned, It should be able to run any Solaris
>> you'd come across, FreeBSD, NetBSD, or OpenBSD.  FreeBSD claims to have
>> functional SMP support, NetBSD does not yet support SMP on sparc64 and
>> still seems to have a few problems with native threads.  I don't see
>> anything on a quick look at OpenBSD's website regarding SMP.
>  From speaking with friends who have run FreeBSD, the latest releases 
> aren't that hot... and neither NetBSD nor OpenBSD support UltraSparc SMP.
> But, are we seriously talking about a dual-450MHz UltraSparc being 
> better for computationally intensive engineering tasks than a modern 
> amd64 system running Solaris 10?

Unless the guy has deep pockets for Solaris based tools,
I'd suspect more bang for your buck on Wintel...  :-(
I keep my W98 machine around for things like CAD, PCB
layout, schematic capture, desktop publishing, etc.

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