[rescue] Sun2 graphics? (Per Sandstrom)

Michael Thompson m_thompson at ids.net
Tue May 2 12:33:22 CDT 2006

I have one too, and it's also not for sale.
I have a 2/120, a 2/50, and a 2/75.

You can see the 2/120 and 2/50 at:

>Believe it or not, but I do have one. It's not for sale - but if you
>have a 4MB Multibus card (501-1232) or a TTL/ECL framebuffer (501-1052)
>available for trade, we could at least talk... :-)
>I'd be interested to know what kind of Sun-2 you have. I've got two: a
>2/120 in pretty good shape and a rare 150U (the black server box) which
>I haven't done anything with yet. The color board is in the 150U.

Michael Thompson
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