[rescue] Free: HP7550A Graphics Plotter

Robert Slover robert.j.slover at verizon.net
Fri Mar 31 22:15:29 CST 2006


I've got an HP Plotter that needs a good home.  I just ran it through 
its demo mode here and my 10-year old daughter was enthralled watching 
it.  I've had it for a few years but have never had room to set it up, 
I figure it is better to let it go to someone who might actually use 

There's one just like it on Ebay currently, auction 7604317164.  The 
plastics on mine look much more yellowed, but I have a bucket load of 
pens for it in a bunch of different colors, most still in the original 
packaging.  It has two carousels, one marked "P" for paper and one "T" 
for transparency.  The one manual I have for it is the "Interfacing and 
Programming Manual", which is a little over an inch thick.  The plotter 
will handle media up to 11 x 17.  It doesn't have an output tray with 
it (when it was in service where I used to work, it sat on the end of a 
counter with a metal basket next to it to catch the output).

This one has never had a conversation with a PC -- spent its life at 
the end of a serial line tied to a VAX.

It's yours for the cost of shipping.  It's pretty heavy -- the eBay one 
says 40lbs, which seems about right.


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