[rescue] Free: SummaSketch II Stylus

Robert Slover robert.j.slover at verizon.net
Fri Mar 31 19:10:49 CST 2006


Someone recently was looking for a digitizer stylus.  I knew I had one 
but not where/what it was.  I just located it, and identified it.  It 
was in the bottom of a box of stuff that was given to me years ago, it 
appears never to have been used.  It has a plain paper label attached 
with the part number 01-0269-001.  It also has an adapter with it to 
adapt the modular connector on the end to a DB-9 connector, marked 

It appears to be identical to the stylus in the photo for Ebay auction 

Whoever asks first can have it for the cost of shipping.


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