[rescue] A5000, 22x9.1GB, QLogic QLA2100F controller, asking $550

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Fri Mar 31 15:48:52 CST 2006

Thu, 30 Mar 2006 @ 23:04 -0500, Aaron Finley said:

> > How much faster are FC drives in comparison to U160/U320 drives anyway?
> They're certainly 2X to 4X as expensive size-wise.
> What? FC drives are the best deal in the industry, because nobody
> wants to screw around with the hardware. Unless you are buying new,
> you can pick them up for 1/2-1/8 of the price of comparable U320
> drives.

Can you easily get controllers for PCI, Sun and PC machines?  Are they

Right now I know my old Sun SS5 is living on borrowed time.

I would like to upgrade, but the price of SCSI drives is the biggest worry, as
the drives I want will cost more than the machine.

I've been looking at FC drives, but haven't really found good deals on the
controllers, and don't really know which one are the good ones.

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