[rescue] Unix Score

Gary Goddard gaz.god at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 16:53:03 CST 2006

Finally got round to looking at some of these.

Haven't powered up the enterprises yet but a pull of the boards reveals

Enterprise 4000 6 x 336 with 4Mb cache cpus and 6 gig of memory in 128 

Enterprise 3500 4 x 336 with 4Mb cache cpus and another 6 gig of memory.

Most of the O2's are R5000 300Mhz and 4Gb disks.

Before i venture onto feebay anyone interested in a O2?

#40 plus shipping for above spec with 128Mb.

Still haven't looked at the octanes but will get round to it.

Anyone looking for O2 or Octane parts, let me know.

Also still have 2 RS.6000 model 590's free to a good home, collection 
only one was working when last used other was included for spares and 
never powered up by me!

Will also take an offer on one of the enterprise boxen, but again buyer 
to collect, Lincolnshire UK.

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