[rescue] Anyone have IRIX 6.5?

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 18:52:45 CST 2006

I 'rescued' an Octane today. Managed to get the monitor, keyboard,
mouse, Octane cam, and computer in pretty decent shape. Appears to
have the EVO card and the EVO piggy. Is the EVO card and camera worth
anything anymore? I know the digital video card is still worth over a
grand, but I doubt this is.

Anyway, does anyone have an IRIX set they don't want, to sell or let
me borrow for a couple days? I'll pay shipping and a tip both ways.
The sets on eBay are $100+ and I can't see spending that on a machine
I have simply for nostalgic purposes (and as a white noise generator:
reports of Octane's loudness are greatly underexaggerated, wow).

-- Aaron Finley

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