[rescue] Putting an insecure machine on a network

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Tue Mar 21 15:57:21 CST 2006

Mike F writes ...
> You'll want to do `ndd -set /dev/tcp ip_forwarding 1` to set 
> forwarding between the 2 interfaces (and maybe put it in an 
> init script to persist between reboots.)

Ah, right.  I thought I had to touch some file.  I wonder what I was thinking

I assume I'll also need an ifconfig or two to bring up the hme0 interface,

> Then you'll have to write your ipf.conf. This should be easy 
> because your needs are pretty simple :-)

No prob there.  I run ipfilter on my main server, generating the ipf.conf file
with a script, etc.

> I've been looking at iptables a little lately, and I can tell 
> you ipfilter and pf are an absolute joy compared to iptables. 

I have found using ipfilter on my main IRIX server quite easy, but it came
already packaged.  In any case, I have a more complete development environment
on the IRIX box; this Sun thing is pretty stripped-down.

Thanks a ton.


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