[rescue] Putting an insecure machine on a network

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Mar 21 15:08:31 CST 2006

>>Well, yeah, but I have other stuff already built.
>>In any case, adding the SUNW packages let me build IPFilter, even though two
>>of Mike F's listed packages don't seem to be part of Solaris 7.
>>However, the doco for ip_fil3.4.35 indicates that running "make package" will
>>build a package (maybe it does, no error messages anyway) and kick off pkgadd
>>to install it.  I certainly doesn't do the latter, and I can't figure out
>>which of the zillion files and directories holds or _is_ the alledged package.
>>Can anyone tell me?
> The package should be somewhere under the directory in which you built
> it; it'll be something like "ipf.pkg".
> pkgadd -d  `find ./ -name *.pkg`  should do what you need.

I did that on a few systems. I think the name is something like ipf.pkg. 
Do  remember that it was in /tmp maybe?

ISTR that there are two packages in the .pkg file. I think I added the 
second one first for some odd reason. Don't remember why though.


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