[rescue] Blastwave

Mike F lists at ibrew.net
Tue Mar 21 11:03:48 CST 2006

gw wrote:
> @Mike
> I have used sunfreeware for about 5 years and have been satisfied. However, at 
> home for about a year I used Debian linux and was impressed with the apt-get 
> package handler. Based on that I am willing to give Blastwave a try. So here are 
> my questions:
>  1) What pain am I asking for when jumping into the middle of Blastwave when I 
> have so many packages already installed and
What I've done is decide which Sun applications I want to keep (SUNWxxxx
packages in /var/sadm/pkg) and which ones I want to replace with
blastwave. For example, I replace Sun's Apache with blastwave Apache.
Sun's patches will take care of their own packages, and blastwave's
pkg-get will take care of its own packages.

>  2) is there any downside if I decide after a bit that Blastwave is not for me 
> and wish to resume my old ways?
Not that I can see. It's just a matter of uninstalling and reinstalling,
just like anything else.

> I guess it boils down to, "can I try out Blastwave with out getting blasted?"
> George Wyche

Definitely - try it out with something that neither Sun nor sunfreeware
provides, and if you don't like it just pkgrm all of the CSWxxxx packages.

- Mike

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