[rescue] Putting an insecure machine on a network

Mike F lists at ibrew.net
Tue Mar 21 10:35:35 CST 2006

Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
>  Mike F says ...
>> Here goes - this should cover everything you need, but some 
>> of these may not be absolutely necessary:
>> SUNWarc
>> SUNWbtool
>> SUNWcpp
>> SUNWhea
>> SUNWlibC
>> SUNWlibCf
>> SUNWlibm
>> SUNWlibmr
>> SUNWlibms
>> SUNWsprot
>> SUNWtoo
>> These packages (and a few others) are what I typically add to 
>> a Solaris core install, along with Blastwave gcc, to get a 
>> system that can at least compile IPFilter. 
> OK, I'll give it a shot.
>> By the way, I'd 
>> _highly_ recommend looking at blastwave for packages instead 
>> of sunfreeware.
> Call me stupid, but I can't tell from the Blastwave site (a) whether their
> stuff is for SPARC or X86, (b) what version of Solaris it's for, and (c) where
> the "stable" packages are.
a) It's available for both. pkg-get.pkg (wget or ftp it onto your
Solaris machine) is a cross-platform package.

b) Packages are available for Solaris 8 - "11" which works on Solaris
Express/OpenSolaris. However, most/all of the packages are built for
Solaris 8, and since they're forward-compatible the newer version
packages are just symlinks to the packages for Solaris 8.

c) In the top-level of any blastwave mirror there are stable and
unstable directories. However, the default for pkg-get in pkg-get.conf
is the unstable branch, which is truly anything _but_ unstable. But,
you're free to change pkg-get.conf to stable if you wish.
> Is pkg-get smart enough to figure all that out for me?
Yes, it's very similar to Debian's apt-get but simpler and less error-prone
> I'm still somewhat surprised that there's no ipfilter package available
> anywhere....
> -Shel
Agreed - it would be nice if Blastwave could provide one.

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