[rescue] ISO: NCD firmware

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Sat Mar 18 17:58:54 CST 2006

Don Y says ...

> Does anyone happen to have access to an NCD-19c/88K running
> firmware (i.e. boot ROM) more recent than 2.6.0?  (this is
> displayed at the top of the screen during memory test/IPL;
> it is also visible from the NCD "console" once NCDware is
> loaded)
> If so, I would love to get my hands on a copy of the ROMs (I
> can duplicate them if you are willing to loan them to me for
> 2 * mailing_time).

I rescued some kind of NCD thing ... Lemme see ... It's a "Model NCD 88k".
The sticker on the bottom has "2.6.0" on, though, so it might be that.

I got it with my SGI Challenge L, but I haven't even tried to fire up the NCD.
I'll be happy to do so, and check the date and version of the ROM if you'd
like.  I got a monitor with it, but no keyboard or mouse.  

A question for you ... The keyboard socket looks PS/2-ish ... Will a PS/2
keyborad work?  And the mouse port is a male DB-9, so will an old PC serial
mouse work?


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