[rescue] Non-booting AlphaServer 2100

Michael-John Turner mj at turner.org.za
Sat Mar 18 13:19:34 CST 2006

On Sat, Mar 18, 2006 at 12:24:31PM -0500, James Fogg wrote:
> I don't know about the 2100, but the 4100 I have has cabinet interlock
> switches and you can't run with the cover off as it kills the PS output.
> They do this cause of airflow - the system wont survive long with the
> cover off. I've since located my switches, but they are damn near
> impossible to see. I've had a switch get funky on mine and I had to bend
> the cover a bit and make sure the cover was screwed in tight to make the
> switch close.

Yep, the 2100 has that as well (I think most AlphaServers do). With
judicious use of a screwdriver, it can be coaxed into running with the case
open (I did that just to check if there are any LEDs on the boards that
can be used to diagnose the problem).

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