[rescue] Non-booting AlphaServer 2100

James Fogg James at jdfogg.com
Sat Mar 18 11:24:31 CST 2006

> I've tried reseating all the boards and even run it with the
> case open to see if I can spot any status LEDs on any of the
> boards. Nothing. The CPU heatsink does get warm, so it looks
> like _something_ is happening.  A PS/2 keyboard is plugged in, BTW.
> Anyone got any ideas? I've Googled and found a few people
> who've had similar experiences, but no-one with a possible solution.

I don't know about the 2100, but the 4100 I have has cabinet interlock
switches and you can't run with the cover off as it kills the PS output.
They do this cause of airflow - the system wont survive long with the
cover off. I've since located my switches, but they are damn near
impossible to see. I've had a switch get funky on mine and I had to bend
the cover a bit and make sure the cover was screwed in tight to make the
switch close.

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