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Chris Brandstetter sirloxelroy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 17:03:55 CST 2006

Sorry I don't have any pictures up myself but here is an auction that
ended of one.  They are 1010 Arrays not D1010.  They use FCal (If I
remeber right) with SCSI UW Drives.  Each unit holds 30 drives.  I
have 2 units to get rid of, one has all the plastic sides etc.. on it,
the other does not.  Each unit is fully loaded with 30 2GB SCA Hard
Drives and the interfaces.

Any Questions E-Mail me  :-)

Chris Brandstetter

Lincoln Nebraska (AKA BFE)


On 3/16/06, Chris Jackman <cjack at or8.net> wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 16, 2006 at 10:19:29AM -0600, Chris Brandstetter wrote:
> > Sun D1010 Arrays 3 of them with about 70 hard drives, perhaps more.
> > Only thing you have to pick them up.  I don't feel like lugging these
> > downt o be shipped.  Sorry.
> Do you have pictures ? I can't find any with google, ebay, or searching
> sun.com.  I know what a d1000 is, i have 3 of them..
> What's a d1010 though ?   What are the dimensions ? Got a link?  What's
> the scsi interface for it?

	Chris Brandstetter

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