[rescue] Netbooting a NeXTStation?

Sevan / Venture37 venture37 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 16 11:11:11 CST 2006

Zach Lowry wrote:
> Hello all!
> I have a NeXTStation without an internal HD. I have a CD-ROM attached  
> and a number of PC boxen. I'd like to have the NeXT netboot it's OS  
> from a Linux machine, if possible. The problem is actually installing  
> NeXTStep or OpenStep onto the NFS server machine. Anyone have any  
> ideas on how I could go about doing that?
> Thanks!
> - --
> Zach Lowry
> MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN
> zach at zachlowry.net


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