[rescue] NuBus Mac parts free to good home

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Mon Mar 13 07:35:12 CST 2006

Pulled from a physically smashed up, but otherwise believed good, 8100
that we no longer need to try to repair due to our new-found wealth of
beige G3 Macs.  Most of them should work in 6100/7100 or other NuBus
models as well.

- Radius video card, can't find a model number on it but I'm told it was
the best video card available for a Mac at the time (1994)
- SMC 10/100 Ethernet card
- Atto Silicon Express II SCSI card (QLogic-based)
- Sonnet G4/400 accelerator (probably 8100-specific)
- 8 sticks of RAM, capacity unknown

If anyone wants'em, they're yours for cost of shipping.

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