[rescue] FREE : 2x Synoptics AUI <--> !0BaseT adapters

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sun Mar 12 01:52:18 CST 2006

> [AUI-10baseT transceivers]  If you have a short AUI-AUI cable, that
> will let you hook it up to a system and still be able to see the
> blinkenlights.

In my experience, provided you keep it short - a foot, maybe two - you
can get away with just about anything.  I once made an AUI cable with a
DA15F, and DA15M, and a foot or so of 15-wire ribbon cable.  AUI is
only 10Mb, and the frequencies are low enough that the impedance bump
of such a thing is close enough to invisible for it to work.  (On a
lark, I tried it with some 10 or 20 feet of 15-pin ribbon cable first,
and I saw packet loss rates of somewhere around 75%.)

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