[rescue] Also Available: Lots of sun stuff..

K. sunfriek at ussonet.net
Sat Mar 11 01:19:48 CST 2006

available for Sale/Trade:

Sun SparcStation 4 motherboards
Sun SparcStation 5 Motherboards
Sun SparcStation 20 motherboard
Sun Ultra 1 motherboards (5 available)
Sun SparcServer 1000 Disk boards (4 available)
Sun SparcServer 1000 Motherboards (2 available)
Caddy's for the older style CDrom drives (8-10 available)
Toshiba 2x cdrom modified for Sun
Sun SparcStation 20 Vsimms either 4 or 8 meg (2 available still in original
box from sun)
Sun Power sequencers (220v) from Sun racks (2 available)
Sun Exx00 memory both 8 meg and 32 meg strips (lots available)
Sun Exx00 motherboards (x2601) 83mhz motherboards (3-6 available)
Sun 336mhz processors for above motherboards (qty 10 or so)

and im sure theirs lots more i havent run across that needs to find a new

Stuff im looking for:

16 meg Simms 72pin 4x36 or 4x32
32 meg Simms 72pin 8x32 or 8x36
Cisco stuff
Sun E4500 processors 400mhz.
mac G3/G4 stuff.

email me offlist if interested

best regards

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