[rescue] G3 Score

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Mar 8 12:26:06 CST 2006

" From: Phil Stracchino <phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net>
" We just scored a stack of ten beige Power Mac G3s, all of them labelled
" as being 32MB/4GB/24xCD, three 233MHz/512k, seven 266MHz/512k.  I'm not
" quite sure yet what we're going to do with ten beige G3s.  I figure
" we'll set up two of them for the kids, and possibly cluster the other
" eight at some later time.
" Anyone have any suggestions on PCI ATA66/100/133 cards that will work in
" these?  LowEndMac says the onboard EIDE interface is pretty slow.
" Also, anyone have any compatible RAM in 128MB or larger sticks lying
" around...?  I'd like to put at least 384MB in the ones we're going to
" actually run, and 512MB or more would be better, in order to run OSX on
" them.  They have three memory slots, up to 512MB per slot in low-profile
" DIMMs.

iirc max ram per slot is 256M, for 768M total.

i have a beige g3 with 128M, and it runs 10.2.8...  yes, more would be
better.  i'd like more too.

4G is also a little on the tight side, but it's all i have too.

it does sometimes freeze.  i've found that d/l updates to the desktop,
then installing them is more reliable than installing straight off the
net.  and i had to back down from the latest realplayer, which demands

interesting that 3rd parties like firefox, realplayer, opera all
support 10.2, but apple doesn't.

gonna centralize user mgmt and /Users?
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