[rescue] check your junk boxes...drive cage?

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 17:10:58 CST 2006

Anyone have a drive cage from (probably) an x86 they
would like to get rid of? I'd prefer 3.5" size, similar to
what you find in Antec cases (yay for rolled edges), but
anything that will hold 3 3.5"drives will do.

Alternatively, if someone has one of those low-end
external scsi cases that has the bolted in cable
connectors on the back (e.g., old-skool, no ISA back-
plane type), that would work as well.

Gotta do something to kit up this franken-RAID-5
thing I'm building...I don't *really* want to stack all
the drives together in the existing bays, since I
think heat is what killed my primary HD in the
Christmas fiasco.

Zip is 22181; can paypal.


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