[rescue] free stuff (mostly PeeCee)

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sat Mar 4 14:19:23 CST 2006

I have a bunch of (mostly useless) old PeeCee stuff to get rid of for 
COS. Some of it is not worth the shipping, but it's included since I am 
also posting to a local "freecycle" list.

The only reason I am bothering posting this stuff here at all is in case 
someone has a project of some type that might be waiting for some old 
outdated piece of gear like a TMC-850 SCSI card or something.

If there is nothing useful here, please forgive the waste of electrons 
as Curt would say...


The stuff:

Whole (more or less) machines
   P 233, 128M RAM, decent case, possibly bad IDE
   Macintosh Centris 610, unknown memory, hard drive
   PowerMac 6100/60, missing CDROM, unknown memory, hard drive
   2x Macintoch LC III, unknown memory, hard drive
   Macintosh LC, unknown memory, hard drive

P II/266 motherboard, CPU, 64MbRAM, AGP graphics

Other complete stuff
   2x 14" monitors, (one Gateway brand, one branded "WIN")
   HP LaserJet III with toner, paper tray
   small pair computer speakers

CDROM drive (maybe working)
CDRW drive (maybe working)

6x WD8003 ISA network cards
2x miscellaneous ISA NICs

US Robotics Courier 33.6 v.everything external modem
Practical Peripherals PM9600FXMT external modem
internal PCI modem, unknown speed
2x ISA modems

7x misc. ISA I/O cards
3x misc. ISA video cards

SCSI cards
   Future Domain TMC-871 8-bit ISA
   Future Domain TMC-850
   Adaptec 1522A 16-bit ISA
   Adaptec 1520A
   Adaptec 2930 PCI

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