[rescue] Last RS/6000 44P-270, Free Sun Monitor

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 01:02:23 CST 2006

Last one! And looks like the last one I'm going to get... (had 3 all
in the same general config):

IBM 44P-270, 7044-270
2X 375mhz 8MB Cache
20.0 Tape Drive
15 CD (copy) set of AIX 5.3, latest rev.
HDD sled, no HD

Seems like the people that wanted theirs got them already, so if
nobody has any interest in this one, I'm just going to keep it. Can't
say that I won't enjoy it. I've grown much more tired than I thought I
would lugging 100 lb machines up and down the stairs.

Also, free for local pickup is a GDM-5010PT monitor. Works with
PeeCees just fine. Also, I'll thrown in a Xerox DocuColor color laser
than needs a fuser and a Motorola StarMax as a bonus if you want them.
State College, PA 16803.

-- Aaron Finley

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