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der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Fri Jun 30 22:34:23 CDT 2006

>> Oddly enough, since having a device that is high enough resolution
>> to read "ebooks" on, I actually think I read faster that way.  [...]
> For me, the effect is the opposite.

Me too.

If such things were plain text, it might be different, but they are
invariably PDFs or something even less amenable to straightforward
reading, and it is a major strain to try to read such things on a
display with as coarse a resolution as all computer displays I've seen.
(There may exist a display with multiple hundreds of DPI of resolution,
but that's what it would take; I've used about 100dpi, and that doesn't
cut it.)

> I find it harder to read an electronic display.  I can tolerate a god
> B&W monitor but find things like LCD's make it look like I am looking
> through lots of ice crystals (!)

I recently ran into such a problem, and yours may be related.  I use a
Sun, with 1152x900 output.  I recently had occasion to hook it up to an
LCD display.  The display was too brain-dead to display 1152x900; it
insists on rescaling it up to fit the display (which has more pixels
than that; I speculate it's 1280x1024).  This produces some very
disconcerting blurs - which remain fixed as text scrolls, something
visually even more disconcerting.

I know LCDs exist with an option to just display what's there, dammit,
with a black border if necessary - I've seen such.  But apparently
they've gotten stupider recently or something.

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