[rescue] Is it kosher to post Craigslist links here?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Jun 30 22:01:23 CDT 2006

Michael Parson wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 30, 2006 at 02:37:24PM -0700, Don Y wrote:
>> velociraptor wrote:
>>> On 6/30/06, Don Y <dgy at dakotacom.net>wrote:
>> For me, the effect is the opposite.  I find it harder to read
>> an electronic display.  I can tolerate a good B&W monitor
>> but find things like LCD's make it look like I am looking through
>> lots of ice crystals (!)  (hard to explain the visual appearance)
> I actually do not like these new highly-reflective LCDs that they seem
> to be putting on the new high-end laptop and whatnot.  My favorite LCD

Exactly.  If you've ever seen white birch trees after a winter
ice storm, *that's* what the LCD's look like to me.

> is still the 800x600 unit in my Sparcbook.  For my 'big' computers, I
> still use good, old-fashioned CRTs.  But that's another holy-war.

Yup.  And I prefer a B&W monitor when it comes to writing code.
It just seems much crisper.

>>> As for "proper" libraries...yes, me too.  And it needs about a
>>> half-dozen different chairs/chaises/couches so there's always
>>> something that fits your mood for how you want to sit/recline while
>>> reading.
>> I'm not fond of reading in libraries.  It's just not where
>> I want to be when I am "recreating"  :> Also, I rarely
>> sit and read a book cover to cover so I'd prefer having
>> it where I decide it would be most appropriate to "consume"
>> ("imbibe"?  :>)
> I think she was refering to the proper library that I mentioned before,
> a dedicated room in the house where all the books would live.  There she
> would have comfortable reading chairs of various types.  I agree.

Ah, I interpreted it as "Library".  My bad.

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