[rescue] adding a disk to my u2

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Fri Jun 30 21:02:59 CDT 2006

Thu, 29 Jun 2006 @ 21:43 -0400, Bryan Gurney said:

> I actually bought two ST173404LCV's for a U2 back in April, but then when  
> I took them out of the box, I knew that they would definitely not fit, so  
> I returned them without opening the static bags.  After the return, I  
> stumbled upon a Craigslist entry for a group of Ultra 60's, and I picked  
> up one.  Its drive cage could easily take two 1.6" hard drives.  D'oh!

I'm pretty happy with my little U2, but I'm thinking I might have been
better off with a U60.

Of course, as Murphy's Law dictates, I'm now seeing U60s everywhere I
look for low prices.

Oh well...

I need to get a pair of drives for my U2, and I'm not finding what I

New ones are so expensive, but I need to get up and running, so I might
have to buy a new drive or two.

I see a lot of deals on used drives, but rarely do they tell you how
old they are. 1-2 year old SCSI, I'm OK with that most of the time.
But most of what I find at places like spartantech and other shops
are hitting 5 years old.  No thanks.

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