[rescue] Is it kosher to post Craigslist links here?

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Fri Jun 30 20:56:17 CDT 2006

Fri, 30 Jun 2006 @ 16:51 -0400, Nadine said:

> On 6/30/06, Don Y <dgy at dakotacom.net> wrote:
> > Since I consume a lot of paperbacks (I read about 20,000 pages
> > per year), they seem like the most likely candidate.  I've set
> > a goal of discarding 200 per month for the next 6 months.
> > (I now have a pretty good idea what a heroin junkie must
> > feel like going "cold turkey"  :<  )
> Either:
> a) make friends with your local used bookstore staff, and swap 'em to
> feed your habit

Also check with local libraries.  Most of them can put you on a mailing
list that informs you of local book sales.

Libraries reguarly sell off books by the inch (i.e. you stack them up,
and pay for how tall the stack is), and also buy or take books that are
needed from you.

> The only downside to selling on Amazon is that you have to link to a
> bank account.  

Well, Amazon also takes a big chunk of the profit as well.

Of course, I find that when I put something on Amazon, it sells quickly,
so maybe it is worth it.

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