[rescue] Is it kosher to post Craigslist links here?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Jun 30 21:06:04 CDT 2006

velociraptor wrote:
> On 6/30/06, Don Y <dgy at dakotacom.net> wrote:
>> For me, the effect is the opposite.  I find it harder to read
>> an electronic display.  I can tolerate a god B&W monitor
>> but find things like LCD's make it look like I am looking through
>> lots of ice crystals (!)  (hard to explain the visual appearance)
> PDA size LCD seems very readable; I have less luck reading "in depth",
> lack of a better term, on larger LCDs.  I presume it has something to
> do with the reflective backing or something, I can't say that I have
> investigated the differences between the types, so I am guessing.
> When I am reading on an LCD (even the nice new Dell wide screen at
> $ork), I tend to scan more, and read longer articles, etc. less.
>> Yup.  In my case, I carry two books when traveling -- one for the
>> outbound flight and another for the return.  I don't read after
>> arriving, etc.  (other things to do)
> I have trouble making up my mind about what I want to read, so the PDA
> gives me more flexibility than dragging books along.
>> I'm not fond of reading in libraries.  It's just not where
>> I want to be when I am "recreating"  :>  Also, I rarely
>> sit and read a book cover to cover so I'd prefer having
>> it where I decide it would be most appropriate to "consume"
>> ("imbibe"?  :> )
> Consume would be the husband unit--he would read me out of house and
> home if he had his druthers.  I read all over the place myself, but
> having a cozy place with a variety of places to sit would encourage me
> to do less "wasteful" activities like spending too much time surfing
> the web or watching junk tv.  Though, admittedly, as I've gotten
> older, I seem to have less ability to hyperfocus; I'm not wanting to
> sit still for long periods.
> I'd still be reading other places, but occassionally, you find that
> gem and want to "absorb" it.
>> Other books are much more enjoyable "at stoplights" (!).
>> Though I have found that I can not read while a car is
>> in motion (assuming I am NOT driving it!)
> Husband unit has been known to read while driving.  He used to go back
> and forth regularly between Vancouver and Edmonton, and there are long
> stretches of flat highway with very, very few other cars.  He reads
> fast enough that he can absorb a paragraph or two and then look
> up...for pages and pages.  Oddly enough, he tells me he finds certain
> kinds of music more distracting to his driving than a book on the
> steering wheel.

I can't read while the car is in motion.  Even if as a passenger.
But, I can read a page in the time it takes for a light to turn.
Do that 10 or 12 times on a trip across town and you've got
a dozen pages behind you.

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