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Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Jun 30 16:37:24 CDT 2006

velociraptor wrote:
> On 6/30/06, Don Y <dgy at dakotacom.net> wrote:
>> I haven't decided if I should PITY or ENVY the post-PC generations;
>> they're not as married to the idea of a physical bound book so
>> will not be burdened (as much) trying to hold on to physical
>> books.  OTOH, they probably will never get the same sort of
>> "connection" that comes from holding a book and reading it
>> (without sitting bolt upright in front of a computer monitor,
>> etc.)
> There are some books that I want in physical form and some that are
> better off being on the computer in the first place, like O'Reilly
> Nutshell guides and similar.  For instance, since I've been working on
> my shell-scripting fu a lot in the last six months or so, I find my
> most used shell reference is one I can get to from the web.

Understood.  I argued with myself for a long time about whether
to keep print copies of my development journals or do it all
electronically.  Finally opted on the paper approach even though
it is harder to search through them, etc.  But, infinitely
more comfortable making notes, sketches, etc.

And, the feel of turning pages is something sorely missing
from an electronic implementation.

> Oddly enough, since having a device that is high enough resolution to
> read "ebooks" on, I actually think I read faster that way.  I think it
> has to do with the narrower line length, but haven't done any
> empirical checks to verify.  It may also have to do with the fact that
> most paperbacks are not as high of contrast as ebook screens, since I
> know that my eyesight has deteriorated somewhat in the last couple of
> years.  I wear "cheaters" part of the time, but don't need them enough
> to remember to keep them with me all the time.

For me, the effect is the opposite.  I find it harder to read
an electronic display.  I can tolerate a god B&W monitor
but find things like LCD's make it look like I am looking through
lots of ice crystals (!)  (hard to explain the visual appearance)

> The one advantage to having ebooks is that I don't worry about taking
> enough reading along so as not to get bored when I travel--I just keep
> a folder of stuff on the SD card in the PDA.

Yup.  In my case, I carry two books when traveling -- one for the
outbound flight and another for the return.  I don't read after
arriving, etc.  (other things to do)

> As for "proper" libraries...yes, me too.  And it needs about a
> half-dozen different chairs/chaises/couches so there's always
> something that fits your mood for how you want to sit/recline while
> reading.

I'm not fond of reading in libraries.  It's just not where
I want to be when I am "recreating"  :>  Also, I rarely
sit and read a book cover to cover so I'd prefer having
it where I decide it would be most appropriate to "consume"
("imbibe"?  :> )

E.g., just read _The Oracle : The Lost Secrets And Hidden Message
Of Ancient Delphi_ (William J. Broad).  It was definitely a
"living room" book.  Yesterday, Crichton's _Eaters of the Dead_
was more suitable for the Throne Room.  :>  I haven't figured
out if there is a pattern in all this... ;-)

Other books are much more enjoyable "at stoplights" (!).
Though I have found that I can not read while a car is
in motion (assuming I am NOT driving it!)

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