[rescue] Is it kosher to post Craigslist links here?

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Fri Jun 30 13:30:21 CDT 2006

Thus spake Steve Hatle:
> On 6/30/06 12:42 PM, "Ethan O'Toole"  wrote:
>> Anywho, eat your heart out on these! They are the guy's with the Cray
>> collection, not mine.
>> http://users.757.org/~ethan/pics/geek/computer_stuff/James_Cray/IMG_0087.JPG
>> http://users.757.org/~ethan/pics/geek/computer_stuff/James_Cray/IMG_0072.jpg
>> http://users.757.org/~ethan/pics/geek/computer_stuff/James_Cray/IMG_0070.jpg
> Hmm-
> I'd like to see the rider on his homeowners policy :-)

Exactly.  What the hell would it cost you to insure all those?  I can only

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