[rescue] FS: 2U SPARCEngine Ultra, U5/10 RAM & CPUs, PCI card

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Fri Jun 30 11:38:06 CDT 2006

Hello all,

I've got a few items to shed - I think the values are reasonable, but if you're interested and feel my prices are too high, feel free to counter-offer.

System 1:
2U Rackmount case (no rails)
Sun SPARCEngine Ultra MB w/360 MHz CPU
2x 128 Meg DIMMs (256 Meg RAM) 8 DIMM slots available on-board
NO HDs installed (takes 2x 1" SCA drives on sleds - not hot swap - and room for a few more HDs)
3 built-in Ethernet ports
VGA framebuffer on MB
Pretty clean, used system

Asking $70 + S/H

System 2:

As System 1, except CPU is 300 MHz

Asking $50 + S/H

I have two Ultra 5/10 CPUs 333 MHz (2 MB cache) just removed from working systems - upgraded my systems to 440 MHz, these are not needed.

Asking $10/each + S/H (see below)

U5/10 RAM:
2x 128 Meg DIMMs (TALL, may not fit in Ultra 5 chassis)

Asking $10/pair + S/H (see below)

4x 128 Meg DIMMs (low-profile, fine for all applications - 2x Sun barcode, 2x Kingston)

Asking $20/set of four + S/H (see below)

PCI Card:
PCI FDDI adapter (Sun part no.: 370-2811 -02 Rev 50) has one connector

Asking $5 + S/H (see below)


For systems, I'll quote actual FedEx Ground rates once address is known.

For RAM/CPUs Shipping is $3 if you buy one item or all the RAM/cards. Buy a system (or two!) and there is no additional shipping charge.

I realize that U5/10-type machines are not that attractive these days, but the value (I think) is in the multiple Ethernet ports and the ability to stuff the case with SCA drives and U5/10 RAM.

If interested, please contact me off-list.


lionel4287 at verizon.net

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