[rescue] adding a disk to my u2

Bryan Gurney arb_npx42 at comcast.net
Thu Jun 29 20:43:01 CDT 2006

On Thu, 29 Jun 2006 15:10:03 -0400, Kevin Foote <kevin.foote at gmail.com>  

> I know there was a discussion on largest disk etc for a sun U# a while  
> back
> So if some one would sum it up quickly and let me know if this disk will  
> fit
> in my u2
> I'd appreciate it.
> I cant even recall if a 1.6 will fit right now.. and the box is at a colo
> so i cant  check.
> I'll keep searching for a doc on the net though..
> seagate ST173404LCV 1.6" HIGH (FULL HEIGHT)
> thanks

I was the one that started the "largest disk for a U60" thread. :-)

I actually bought two ST173404LCV's for a U2 back in April, but then when  
I took them out of the box, I knew that they would definitely not fit, so  
I returned them without opening the static bags.  After the return, I  
stumbled upon a Craigslist entry for a group of Ultra 60's, and I picked  
up one.  Its drive cage could easily take two 1.6" hard drives.  D'oh!

However, I wanted the drives for this system to not die on me early, so I  
ended up going the whole 9 yards and getting a pair of new,  
5-year-warranty ST373207LC drives for $185 each.  Maybe it was overkill,  
but then I can still RMA them if one of them goes bad.  I don't know how  
loud or hot the ST173404LCV's would have been, but the ST373207LC's are  
rather quiet and don't get that warm.

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